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Automation Services

As experts in payment and transaction automation services for government, we deliver services that revolutionise the way that transactions are successfully completed without the need for cumbersome manual checks. What’s more we can implement this quickly using our in-house teams without the need for an external provider.

In March 2017 the new Liberata Automation Services Hub was opened in Cardiff, South Wales. The new FinTech hub supports 52 specialist FinTech jobs and makes an impressive contribution to the wider major investment in the region’s digital skills.

The hub will be focused on automating and running government financial transactions to help drive public sector efficiencies and enable staff to redirect their efforts to delivering frontline services.

Below you can view the video filmed at the new Cardiff office, featuring Craig Williams, MP for North Cardiff, and Liberata CEO, Charlie Bruin.

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Improving performance and lowering cost

  • Faster compliance – 100% exceptions identified and addressed

  • More control – improved reporting, reduction in costs of products and services

  • Higher efficiency – greater margin and cash flow

  • Better service – improved customer satisfaction

This investment is fantastic news for both Cardiff and the wider region. This Government is committed to providing better value and services for the taxpayer – with digital and automated services set to play a critical role in achieving this. It’s great to have such expertise being built in our local community, with South Wales at the forefront of driving public sector efficiency.

Craig Williams MP for Cardiff North