Ensuring everyone pays their fair share of tax

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Mobile Homes Review

Mobile Homes Review is a fully managed service that focuses on identifying un-banded mobile homes being used as a sole or main residence on holiday sites, ensuring these properties are correctly banded and registered for Council Tax. So far this has helped to generate over £12 million in additional New Homes Bonus funding whilst helping to reduce the number of complaints from tax payers in the area.

Benefits for the community

  • Maximise New Homes Bonus funding with every new property banded

  • Increase revenues collected to support local services

  • Ensure your Council Tax database is complete and fully up-to-date

  • Enable departments such as planning and licensing to provide better services

  • Help gather a more accurate view of localised population numbers

£12m in additional New Homes Bonus funding
£2m in additional Council Tax revenue
£16 return for every £1 spent

We generated £850,000 in NHB within the first four months. We realised we needed support to take on this sensitive challenge and that the key to success was finding the right partner. Capacitygrid have worked with us hand in glove every step of the way and we are delighted with the results.

Graeme Barnes IRRV (Hons) Revenues, Benefits & Customer Services Manager