Save time and money with our online DBS service

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DBS Online Portal

Manual Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks can be a manual, costly and labour intensive exercise. Our online DBS Checks were designed with this in mind and are fast, secure and easy to use. We firmly believe that this service will be more cost effective than your existing solution, whether that is in-house or with a ‘third party’ .

The DBS online portal has built in functions to enter, validate and submit basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks, as well as External ID validation and provides you with the reports you need to track progress of each case

We also offer the ability for organisations that use the portal to pay their invoices monthly by Direct Debit.  This will reduce your administration costs through ensuring that payment of bills is managed automatically.

For more information on the DBS online portal visit our Capacitygrid webpage, and contact one of our team: