99% automation in financial transactions for courts across the UK

UK Courts

Innovate with Automation

Previously civil and county courts across the UK were taking nearly £500 million annually in fees, primarily by cheque. There was a requirement to automate the process to reduce fraud, improve accuracy of records and data, speed up the service and deliver cost savings.

Liberata’s specialist finance and accounting services, which includes automation services, deliver multi-channel revenue accounting and receipting solutions, multi-channel payment solutions and financial reconciliations backed by robust customer and client support functions and production of management reporting information.

Liberata is dedicated to assisting in making it easy for citizens and businesses to transact and do business with the UK government, so being able to receipt and reconcile each transaction quickly and efficiently is essential: this could include anything from civil court fees, through to employment or asylum and immigration tribunal fees.

The Solution

  • Removed manual processing and error checking

  • New intelligent automation software and data platform implemented

  • Court fees digitised and automated - cheques, direct debits and more

  • Cheques removed from the payment process

  • Digital fee accounts introduced for users of UK courts